Our mission is to be recognized by our customers as the number-one forage management company in the world, in order to ensure the
American dairy farmer competes globally.

The Prairie Estates Genetics Story

Prairie Estates Genetics is a forage management company whose guiding principle for over a decade has been to make certain you have consistently excellent forages year after year. Poor forages are a risk that today’s dairy businesses can’t afford.

Exceptional Service, Exceptional Forages. Accept Nothing Less.

For 13 years we have built a 100% word-of-mouth based business. See what some of our customers have to say.

“Our cows are at their highest milk production ever. At 190days of milking, they are averaging 90 lbs of milk per day on a 2x/day milking schedule, with 4.15 fat and 3.37 protein.”– Brent Knaus, High-View Holsteins, PEG customer since 2009

“Since we started feeding PEG we have a much more consistent production. It allowed us the ability to increase forage intake. It produces a very predictable outcome for future production.”– Mitch Breunig, Mystic Valley Dairy LLC, PEG customer since 2005

“Corn silage is testing the best I have had in my dairying career. Our nutritionist noticed improvement as well. The cows peaked in the fall of 2012 at 99.99 lbs of milk/day. Consistency is in the mid 90s on average, with 4.0 fat and 3.3 protein. Mike and his fellow PEG forage managers are in the fields regularly monitoring conditions to ensure the corn silage gets put up at best quality.”– Tjoelker Dairy, PEG customers since 2010

“We started using PEG because our nutritionist recommended it when we were looking to produce more milk. Since we started using PEG our production is up, we’ve improved herd health, and increased pregnancy rate – three very important areas in a dairy operation.”– Tom Meier, Breezy Hill, PEG customer since we were founded in 2000

“PEG corn silage targeted our needs–softer kernel,consistency and larger harvest window–without sacrificing yield. I would absolutely recommend PEG.”– Chet Dolph, Dolph Dairy, PEG customer since 2003

“I had been looking for a high-yielding consistent silage hybrid for some time. I had heard many stories about BMR and Leafy hybrids but none of these hybrids fit my needs. Then one day Ron Rogers came to see me at my office and was carrying a brochure that promised to meet all my needs of yield, nutrition and consistency I was looking for. PEG Seed has shown consistent yield and quality with high starch and fiber digestibility. Yields that averaged more than 24 tons of silage per acre at 67% and 181 bu.”– Jeff Opitz, PEG customer since 2001

“Using PEG we are able to sustain better production on less dry corn. We tried another variety [a PEG competitor] and had to increase dry corn in the ration to maintain the level of production we were sustaining with PEG feeding less dry corn.”– John Haag, Haag Dairy LLC, PEG customer since we were founded in 2000

“We are feeding more corn silage than we ever have. The cows love it and productivity has gone up.”– Dale Kurt, PEG customer since 2009

“It’s consistent. Cows utilize feed better. More energy per pound. Right now, this is the best the cows have milked, ever.”– Todd Meinholz, PEG customer since 2005

“Consistency. No other company can guarantee that. You know what you’re planting. We’ve been planting the same corn since we started with PEG.”– Todd Mells, PEG customer since 2006

“Using PEG we are achieving the same results feeding less corn. The continued consistency is extremely valuable.”– Scott Maier, Maier Farms, PEG customer since we were founded in 2000

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